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Mushroom Clicker

Welcome to Mushroom Clicker, a simple clicker game that lets you experience growing the vast world of mushrooms with mouse clicks. In Mushroom Clicker, you can build factories and hire workers to boost your mushroom production. With lovely and colorful graphics, it will make you immersed and interested in managing and developing the mushroom business.

How to play Mushroom Clicker

Start by clicking on the mushrooms to collect them. Every click will help you earn mushrooms. Use the collected mushrooms to build an automatic factory that produces mushrooms for you. The more factories you have, the faster your production rate will be.

In addition, hire and increase the number of workers to serve your production line. Workers can be upgraded to become more efficient, contributing significantly to the growth of your mushroom brand.

Feature of Mushroom Clicker

  • Level up: When you level up, you will earn free mushrooms and unlock various power-ups. These power-ups increase your production and click efficiency, helping you scale even faster.
  • Unique skins and backgrounds: Customize your game with unique skins and backgrounds to your own liking. This feature adds an element of fun and aesthetics to your gaming experience. Personalize your game with a variety of skins and backgrounds to create a visually stunning experience.
  • Reincarnate to gain multiplier: Aim to gain ultimate mastery by reincarnating, this will reset your progress but grant you a permanent multiplier. This multiplier increases your production rate in subsequent plays, allowing you to grow your empire even faster.

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