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Cookie Clicker City

Welcome to Cookie Clicker City, a city built with cookies. As a professional baker, your mission is to expand, grow, and create your brand.

How to play Cookie Clicker City

To increase your output, start by clicking on the giant cookies, as well as baking your cookies. The more cookies you bake, the more resources you have to expand your city and grow your empire.

With the cookies you earn, you can expand your city by constructing and upgrading various buildings. Monitor the number of cookies created per second, as it will determine your income and total assets. Based on that, choose upgrades and improvements to maximize cookie production and increase your profits.

Why should you play Cookie Clicker City?

Build your own city: Create your city. Unlock and upgrade buildings, and you can win various prizes.

Do the mission: enjoy the pleasure of seeing your city improve and develop. To build more new structures, create cookies and complete tasks.

Race: You have the opportunity to visit your friends and compete with people from all over the world. See who has the highest score and how the scores differ.

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