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Capybara Clicker 2

Capybara Clicker 2 is a clicker genre game where your main goal is to multiply your capybara count with each click. Building on the success of the original Capybara Clicker, this sequel introduces even better improvements, with interface changes to customize your Capybaras.

How to play Capybara Clicker 2

Start the game by clicking on your capybara. Each click will increase your capybara count and earn you points that you can use for upgrades. Use the points you earn to buy upgrades. These

upgrades can increase the number of capybaras you get per click, automate the clicking process, and provide other bonuses that help you grow your capybaras population faster.

Features of Capybara Clicker 2:

  • Weather changes: Experience new weather changes in part 2 of this popular game series. Some weather conditions can provide bonuses, while others can present challenges.
  • Customizable skins: Unlock and apply many new skins to make your capybara unique in its own style.
  • Achieve milestones: Aim for impressive milestones and achievements with every play. These goals provide additional motivation and rewards, encouraging you to continue developing your own capybara world.

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