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Bees Clicker

The goal of the fun and interesting clicker game Bees Clicker is to become the boss of honey production. You start with a simple beekeeping setup and move up by clicking on the bees to make honey output go faster. You can improve your honey business, buy new bee species, and fix up your apiary with honey.

How to play Bee Clicker

Start by clicking on the bees to speed up honey production. With each click, you'll get more honey. 

Collect them and think carefully about investing to make honey production more efficient and upgrade your beekeeping operation. This means buying new hives, making the equipment better, and making more honey.

Buying different kinds of bees will help you make honey more quickly. To grow your honey business, keep clicking and upgrading. Your goal should be to become the best beekeeper and have the most productive apiary.

Why do you have to play Bees Clicker?

  • Interesting gameplay: Bees Clicker combines the easy gameplay of clickers with the strategy of running a beekeeping business, giving you a real-life experience that lets you follow your love for business.
  • Incremental Progression: The game's progressive progression system ensures that there's always something new to discover, keeping you hooked as you try to expand your honey production.
  • Fun but hard on the brain: the game has beautiful graphics and relaxed music in the background, but it still challenges you to become the master and get the most out of your management tasks.
  • Upgrades and Expansions: The ability to upgrade your apiary and collect new bee species keeps the game fresh and exciting.

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