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Cookie Clicker 2

Cookie Clicker 2 is made by a fan of the popular Julien ‘Orteil’ Thiennot-developed Cookie Clicker game. Cookie Clicker 2 is very similar to the original game, but the graphics are 3D.

What is the Cookie Clicker 2 game?

Cookie Clicker 2 is an incrementally interesting game in which players' primary goal is to click on a large cookie to produce cookies. Players can use these cookies to purchase upgrades and unlock new features, such as buildings and special abilities, to automate cookie production. This idle game is really addicting so we are sure you will come back a lot of times to enjoy it. 

Developer and release

Cookie Clicker 2 was released in 2016 on Steam. Since its launch, the game has rapidly attracted a sizable player base and received very positive reviews.

Just like the original game, Cookie Clicker 2  is a really straightforward concept: just click the cookie to get a cookie. But version 2 of the Cookie Clicker game has many enhancements that make gathering cookies even simpler. And currently, the game has nearly 600 achievements that you need to unlock.


You can play the game on a desktop or mobile web browser.

Highlight features

  • Numerous upgrades and buildings
  • A lot of achievements and rewards
  • Countless hours of amusement and pleasure
  • No need to download and it is 100% free

What is the cookie clicker 2What is the cookie clicker 2

How to play Cookie Clicker 2

To receive a cookie for each tap, you must first click the cookie on the screen. After obtaining 15 cookies, you can purchase a Cursor item. You can earn one cookie every ten seconds by having it automatically click on the cookies. You can purchase upgrades or new components in the shop to bake cookies more quickly as your cookie count rises, even if you don't play the game at all. 

Tips and tricks

As mentioned above, the main focus of the game is to create as many cookies as quickly as possible. Cookie Clicker 2 is a game with no end. Therefore, the emphasis of these ideas is on moving forward faster. Cookie Clicker 2 has four main stages: the Early Game, Mid Game, Late Game, and Infinity Game.

Early Game

In the beginning of the Cookie Clicker 2 game, clicking on the cookie is necessary. Purchasing 1 Cursor and 5 grandmas is advised at the start of the game. You purchase roughly 25 Grandmas, 15 Farms, and 15 Mines during that time. To advance to the next stage, you need to purchase Factories. The main element necessary for success is careful calculation. As an illustration: 

Instance 1:

  • One Cursor bakes one cookie every ten seconds and costs 27 cookies. This indicates that it took 270 cookies to make one cookie every second;
  • One grandma costs 115 cookies and bakes one cookie per second; this indicates that 115 cookies were used to make one cookie every second.
  • One Farm bakes 8 cookies every second and costs 1100 cookies. As a result, 1100/8 = 137 cookies were used to create 1 cookie every second.

In this instance, it is better that you buy Grandma. 

Instance 2:

  • One Cursor bakes one cookie every ten seconds and costs 27 cookies. This indicates that it took 270 cookies to make one cookie every second;
  • You purchased three grandmothers; the fourth grandmother cost 153 cookies, and she baked one cookie per second; this indicates that you used 153 cookies to make one cookie every second.
  • One Farm bakes 8 cookies every second and costs 1100 cookies. For every second, 1100/8 = 137 cookies must be produced.

In this scenario, if you have more than 1100 cookies, you should purchase Farm. You can store your cookies, but not for too long. Invest it at the right time; for this reason, we advise you to purchase 5 Grandmas first.

How to play Cookie Clicker

Mid Game

The majority of this stage is spent waiting for your machine to start making cookies automatically. Consider how many cookies your machines make every second. You can completely stop playing and do something else to save time. But remember to return every hour and enhance the item. The upgrading item costs too much money. Choose the asset that will be most impacted by your accomplishments and concentrate on acquiring more assets.

Late Game

The goal of the Late Game phrase is to purchase the priciest upgrades and assets. Grandmas and Cursors gain a great deal of value through upgrades. 

Infinity Game

Selecting "Infinity" raises your status and displays you. Your entire game will reset if you select it, but each time you advance, it will happen a little faster.


Is Cookie Clicker 2 available on mobile devices?

Cookie Clicker 2 is available on various platforms, including browsers and mobile devices. The game is completely free and unblocked.

What is the Grandmapocalypse?

There is an upgrade path in the game called Grandmapocalypse that involves the Grandmas. It has drawbacks in addition to new gameplay features and enhancements. Using their chosen approach, players can decide whether to start or stop the Grandmapocalypse.

What is cookie max age 0?

Max-Age=<number> Optional. It shows how many seconds are left till the cookie expires. A negative or zero number will cause the cookie to expire right away. 

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With a combination of idle progression and active clicking, Cookie Clicker 2 is a classic example of the incremental game genre. In the gaming world, it is one of the most played and appreciated games due to its simplicity and constant cycle of upgrades and resets. Let’s try to play this game right now!

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