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Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is a game that creates cookies by simply clicking the mouse. Experience a sweet world that will keep you captivated for hours. Get ready to click, and create endless cookies.

This is a simple game of clicking on a giant cookie to produce cookies. Accumulate them and you can invest them in equipment investments to automatically produce even more cookies.

How to play Cookie Clicker

Click on the giant cookie on the screen to earn more cookies. Each click will yield more and more cookies that you can use to buy factories or farms. These architectures will help you automate your cookie creation process. Makes collecting cookies easier.

Work hard to achieve and unlock hundreds of achievements and milestones. Each milestone achieved will bring you closer to dominating the cookie universe.


Why should you play Cookie Clicker?

  • Simple yet addictive gameplay: Cookie Clicker offers addictive gameplay that will keep you entertained anywhere for hours.
  • Endless cookie creation capabilities: With many structures and assets to unlock and upgrade Cookie Clicker will keep you bored with new discoveries.
  • Vivid graphics: intimate images and vivid sound will help you immerse yourself in the world of sweets with interesting architectural works.

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