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Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is an idle clicker game in which you embark on a thrilling monster-slaying adventure. Clicker Heroes is developed by Playsaurus. The game was released in July 2014. Currently, the game is available on web browsers, Android games, and iOS games on Steam. According to the developer, Cookie Clicker's last update was September 6, 2022.

How to play Clicker Heroes

Defeat each beast

To become a powerful warrior, you must defeat each beast by clicking repeatedly and collecting the gold rewards left behind. You can continuously upgrade each click's single damage value for more power.

Hire heroes

Recruit a variety of heroes to help you defeat monsters more quickly. Each hero has their own DPS (damage per second) and a set of unique upgrades. Hero upgrades often lead to significant increases in their DPS. Heroes enable you to defeat enemy mobs and collect gold effortlessly.

Heroes cost more and more, but the strength and powerful upgrades are worth the investment. 

Explore new lands

Each region features new and exciting monsters to battle. Start in the forest and advance into drylands and other locations. At the end of each region, there is a challenging boss fight with extra health that requires all your might to conquer. Failing to defeat the boss will take you back to the previous stage, where you can further enhance your skills before attempting the fight again.


Use your mouse. 

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