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Haste-Clicker is an addictive idle game where the simple act of clicking on ores opens up a world of upgrades, rewards and endless entertainment with resource mining mechanics. The main goal is to click on ores to break them, earning money in the process.

How to play Haste-Clicker

Start by clicking on the ore that appears on your screen. Each click will break ores and help you earn coins. You make more money when you destroy more ore. Use this money to buy upgrades and click power-ups, idle income, and unlock new ores.

You can make money even when you're not clicking by unlocking and improving forms of idle income. In a automatic way, this helps you get rich.

Why should you play Haste-Clicker?

The game gives you a finely crafted experience that combines strategy, progression and sheer click-through satisfaction. Here's why you should jump into the world of Haste-Clicker:

  • Addictive Gameplay: The core mechanic of clicking to destroy ore is simple but extremely addictive. Continuous feedback and rewards help you stay engaged.
  • Strategic upgrades: Use your brain to decide how to allocate your earnings, increase your click power, increase your idle income or unlock new ores.
  • Regeneration mechanism: This system lets you do it again, which makes your next runs more valuable.
  • Continuous progression: With new ores to unlock and countless upgrades to purchase, there's always something new to achieve, keeping the game interesting over the long term.

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