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Animal Zoo Clicker

Animal Zoo Clicker is an idle clicker game where you can build and manage your own zoo! In this exciting adventure, you can buy animals, help them grow, and sell them to make money. Get more money by collecting golden dung. Grow your zoo and try to become a wealthy manager.

How to play Animal Zoo Clicker

Start by buying animals to feed your zoo. Each animal will contribute to the development of the zoo and your income. When you click on an animal, it gets bigger and stronger. The more important an animal is, the bigger it is.
Animals in your zoo produce yellow poop. Click on it to collect more money, which you can reinvest in your zoo. You can sell your animals for money when they hit a certain size. Buy more animals and improvements with your money.

As your income grows, put money into making your zoo bigger. Get new animals, make your zoo better, and make it look better altogether.

Why you must play Animal Zoo Clicker?

Here are some compelling reasons why you should jump into this wild world:

  • Compelling gameplay: The combination of idle and click mechanics ensures that you always have something to do. Whether you're actively clicking or earning passively, there's never a dull moment.
  • Creative Management: You need both strategy and creativity to build and grow your zoo. Decide what animals to buy, how to raise them, and when to sell them for maximum profit.
  • Satisfying Progress: Seeing your zoo grow from a small group of animals to a busy wildlife haven gives you a pleasant sense of success and progress.
  • Humorous element: Collecting gold dung adds fun and whimsy to the game, keeping you entertained as you manage your zoo.

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