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Easter Clicker

Easter Clicker is an Easter-themed clicker game where your main task is to craft the most enchanting Easter eggs for your beloved bunny. Each year, the famous Easter Bunny appears to scatter colorful eggs for children around the world to find. But before this magical event can happen, it's up to you to create those eggs. Be prepared to make as many eggs as possible.

How to play Easter Clicker

Tap or click on the giant egg displayed on the screen to start crafting Easter eggs. Press continuously until you accumulate enough points to unlock the automatic egg generator.

When the automatic egg maker works, eggs will be produced easily. With the points you earn, you can buy even more upgrades and make your eggs hatch faster. Keep clicking and improving to try to make as many eggs as possible for the Easter Bunny to give out to everyone.

Why should you play Easter Clicker?

Easter Clicker is an exciting experience that combines fun, strategy and immersion in the joy of the Easter season. Here are compelling reasons why you should plunge into this enchanting world:

  • Attractive gameplay: Easter Clicker's clicker system is simple but fun, and you'll want to play it again and again. It works great for both short and long play sessions.
  • Creative fun: You can let your imagination run wild and enjoy the silly world of egg painting while making pretty Easter eggs.
  • Satisfying Progress: Watching your egg production grow and unlocking new upgrades provides a satisfying sense of achievement and progress.

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