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Donut Clicker

Donut Clicker is a fun clicker game that allows you to bake donuts with just one click. Start your journey by baking donuts, upgrade your bakery and climb the online leaderboards to become a donut tycoon! This addictive game is perfect for those who love sweets and idle games.

How to play Donut Clicker

In Donut Clicker, your main goal is to bake as many donuts as possible. Start by clicking on the giant donut on your screen. Each click will bake a delicious donut, adding to your total.
As you get more donuts, you can use them to buy upgrades that will help you bake better. And get ready to earn rewards and bragging rights by unlocking awards as you reach important goals.

Some ways to enhance your donut production in Donut Clicker:

  • Upgrade your click power: Increase the number of donuts produced per click to maximize your baking output.
  • Increase Idle Income: Buy upgrades that make donuts appear immediately, even if you don't click on them. This will increase your idle income.
  • Buy an Auto Clicker: Get an auto clicker that will keep clicking for you, making sure that donuts keep coming out.

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