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Lhama Clicker

Lhama Clicker is a fun clicker game where your task is to multiply the number of llamas through endless clicking. This addictive game will help you create tons of llamas while unlocking loads more fun skins, hats, backgrounds, and achievements.

How to play Lhama Clicker

 In Lhama Clicker, your main task is to increase the number of llamas as quickly as possible. Start by clicking to create a llama manually. Every click adds to your ever-growing herd. You need to spend money on upgrades and automation to really make your people grow quickly.

Also as your llama empire grows, so does your wealth. Take this opportunity to outfit your llama with the most beautiful outfits to your liking.

Tips and tricks to increase productivity in Lhama Clicker:

  • Click Power Upgrade: Increases the number of llamas produced with each click.
  • Automation Upgrades: Buy farms, stables, factories, and banks to automate llama production and greatly boost your population growth.
  • Make the population explode: With strategic upgrades, you can create a llama rebellion like never before. Unlock higher levels of click power as you play, which will give you more llamas per click and make your automated output better.

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