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Burger Clicker

Burger Clicker is a fun and addictive clicking game in the culinary world, putting you as a newly opened burger business businessman. Your task is to click on burgers to earn money, which you can use to buy upgrades and expand and grow your brand.

How to play Burger Clicker

Just click on burgers to make as many products and earn money. Manage and watch your profits soar, allowing you to purchase store upgrades, such as production times, higher quality ingredients, and more productive employees.

With your preparation, your store will attract more customers to your burger shop and increase your income even more.

Why should you play Burger Clicker?

  • Addictive gameplay: With simple but engaging mouse-clicking mechanics, Burger Clicker is the perfect game for players of all ages, allowing you to manage your own store.
  • Endless Growth: Build and customize to strategically manage your burger shop growth with more upgrades and improvements.
  • Satisfactory Progress: Experience the satisfaction of seeing your profits and business automatically and continuously increase.

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