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Bread Clicker

Bread Clicker is a clicker game with the theme of creating bread. Start your journey of making bread and creating your own world. Your journey begins with creating bread at the click of a mouse and unlocks a complete system upgrade, automating your workflow and becoming a famous bread tycoon.

How to play Bread Clicker

Click on the large loaf of bread on your screen. Each click will create more bread. Accumulate them to buy upgrades that help you click faster or create bread automatically. Use your earnings to be able to unlock various items and improvements, increasing the efficiency of your bread production with modern automation cycles.

Explore upgrades of Bread Clicker

In Bread Clicker, there are 10 essential upgrades that will enhance your bread-making process. Each upgrade will increase your production speed, allowing you to make more bread per second.

Unlock them to increase your bread production even more.

In addition, thieves will randomly appear and they will steal 5% of your bread. Click on him to catch and stop the theft.

To expand your brand, you can unlock factories and mines to improve the quality of your products. Unlock the store to have your bread sold globally.

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