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Hill Climb Race

Hill Climb Race is an off-road driving game that challenges you to move your vehicle as far as possible while going over steep hills, bumpy roads, and other obstacles. Play as Newton Bill, an uphill racer with a goal and knack for defying the laws of physics.

How to play Hill Climb Race

Your goal is to reach the highest hills and longest distances without running out of fuel or crashing. Use the mouse to click gas to go forward and click brake to go backward. Drive your vehicle forward and over obstacles and keep your vehicle balanced when it's in the air or on uneven terrain. 

Why you must play Hill Climb Race?

Diverse game maps: Hill Climb Race offers nine different game maps, each with its own challenges and terrain. From rugged countryside to treacherous mountains, each map brings a new and exciting experience to you. By completing missions you will unlock newer maps that satisfy you with endless exploration.

Vehicles: The game features thirteen different vehicles, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Collect in-game coins to unlock new vehicles and discover how they work in accordance with each map.

Upgrade Car: Customize and upgrade your vehicles to improve their performance. You can enhance various features like engine, suspension, tires, and 4WD. Upgrading your vehicle not only makes it stronger but also helps you overcome more difficult terrain and achieve higher mileage.

Off-Road Game Mechanics: The game's physics is what makes this game different from other driving games. Realistic physics requires you to balance speed and control, making every hill climb a test of skill. The gameplay is easy to pick up but challenging to master, ensuring hours of entertainment.

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