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Poop Clicker

Poop Clicker is a simple game in the clicker game genre, with cute images, your job is just to click on the poop and upgrade them to your liking.

How to play Poop Clicker

The main task of Poop Clicker is to click on the poop that appears on the screen. Each click will help you earn a certain number of points. With those earned points, you can use them to purchase upgrades and unlock new features that allow you to explore further.

Upgrading can help you automatically create more poop when you start unlocking each separate toilet area. Gradually upgrade from toilet, farm, factory and even earth.

Why should you play Poop Clicker?

  • Funny: Poop Clicker with unique images will attract you at first sight.
  • The gameplay is simple but no less interesting: a game with a combination of simple but interesting gameplay allows you to discover new things that you cannot miss.
  • Endless entertainment: With ever-expanding upgrades, allowing you to explore and create your own world. Create something new every time you play.

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