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Planet Clicker 3

Planet Clicker 3 takes the classic clicker genre to the next level by allowing players to power up and upgrade planets in the solar system. From Earth to Mars and Venus, you will use different types of energy and earn achievements to make the world more interesting and bright.

How to play Planet Clicker 3

Your main goal is to generate energy by clicking on planets. The more you click, the more energy you generate. Accumulate certain amount of energy to unlock quick button. Use quick buttons to maximize your energy production. These nodes allow you to generate energy more efficiently and quickly.

Additionally, use the energy you have created to upgrade various aspects of your planet. This includes investing in various energy sources such as nuclear energy and oil on Earth. Open up new worlds like Venus and Mars. v.v

Why you must play Planet Clicker 3?

This is why you'll want to play all the time:

  • Endless entertainment: Planet Clicker 3 offers exciting entertainment at the click of a mouse.
  • Strategic Depth: While the core mechanics of clicking to generate energy are simple, the game offers incredible strategic depth. Your world will change depending on where you put your funds and which upgrades you choose to make first. You will be creative with your own choices.
  • Explore the Solar System: One of the most exciting aspects of Planet Clicker 3 is the ability to explore and power the various planets in our solar system. Every new world has its own unique and interesting things to offer, which will keep you interested.
  • Satisfactory Progression: The game's progression system is highly satisfying, with each upgrade and achievement bringing you closer to creating richer, more vibrant worlds. It's fun and satisfying to see your worlds grow and do well, which keeps you coming back for more.

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