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Clicker Village

Clicker Village is an engaging and addictive incremental clicker game in which you take on the role of village leader. Your goal is to develop a thriving community by gathering resources, constructing buildings, and managing your workforce.

How to play Clicker Village

Start your journey by clicking on the well to earn your first gold coins. Each click will add to your wealth, allowing you to start building your village. Start by getting your first worker to work for you. Lumberjacks will cut down trees, which will bring in steady income for your village. Keep hiring more lumberjacks to make more money.

As your village grows, diversify your workforce by hiring masons and other workers. Builders will help you build structures, adding more functions and benefits to your village such as building buildings, pubs, and banks... These buildings bring in more residents, make you more money, and open up new growth possibilities.

Tips and tricks to success in Clicker Village

  • Resource Management: Effectively manage your resources to ensure continuous growth. Balance your workforce and construction projects to maintain a steady income stream and progress.
  • Handle the challenge: Be ready to deal with crime. As your town grows, it might get full of bad people. It would be best if you did something to protect your village. To keep crime from getting out of hand, use your resources carefully.
  • Dark Altar: If things get out of control, you have the option to destroy your village and erect a dark altar. This evil system does bad things on its own, but those things have results. The choice is yours, will you build a peaceful village or embrace the darkness?

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