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Cat Clicker

Cat Clicker is a great game for cat fans and people who like to play clicker games. Your goal is to create as many cat bubbles as possible by clicking on the adorable cat.

How to play Cat Clicker

To begin, click on the cat icon on your screen to make a ball with a cat inside it. With every click, cat bubbles will appear. Use the cat bubbles you create to purchase various upgrades. These upgrades will speed up the rate at which you make cat bubbles, so each click will do more.

If you want to start over, use the reset button. When you reset, you get permanent power-ups that make your cat bubble output even better.

Why do you have to play Cat Clicker?

This is some reason you need to play it:

  • Adorable gameplay: Cat Clicker combines the addictive nature of clicker games with the irresistible appeal of cute cats.
  • Extensive upgrade system: A lot of upgrades have been added to the game to make it fun and fresh. From simple enhancements that increase your clicking power to complex auto-generators, each upgrade offers new ways to boost your cat's bubble production.
  • Strategic reset feature: The reset function gives Cat Clicker more depth and makes it fun to play again and again. By resetting, you can start over with a permanent production buff, allowing you to explore different upgrade strategies and maximize your cat bubble production.
  • Relaxing yet engaging: Cat Clicker creates the perfect balance between relaxation and interaction. This is a great game for chilling because you can click and watch your progress without having to worry about how to play it correctly.

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