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Candy Clicker 3

Candy Clicker 3 is a clicker genre game, with sweet, vivid graphics. The main goal is to collect as many candies as possible by clicking on a giant candy displayed in the middle of the screen. The game is mostly the same as earlier versions of Candy Clicker, but it has new upgrades, levels, and challenges that make it more fun to play.

How to play Candy Clicker 3

Create candy by clicking on the giant candy in the middle of the screen. Every click will help you earn candy. Each click of the mouse will add one more candy to your collection. Press on it a lot and collect candy to buy new things. These upgrades can help you get more candy, which makes each click more important.

Some upgrades in Candy Clicker 3 include:

  • Automatic Candy Generator: These candy generators generate automatically without the need for constant clicking.
  • Candy Multipliers: These increase the amount of candy you get per click.
  • Get through the stages: Candy Clicker 3 has a lot of stages, and each one has its own challenges and chances. You'll want to keep going because each step has its own challenges and rewards.
  • Maximize candy production: Strategize your upgrades and clicks to maximize your candy production. As you play, try to become a Candy World tycoon by handling your resources and upgrades well.

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