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Beggar Clicker

Beggar Clicker is a clicker game revolving around Booby, a poor man with no name. Sitting on the sidewalk, Booby relies on the generosity of passersby. Booby gets money for every click you make, which he can then use to make things better for himself over time.

How to play Beggar Clicker

Start by clicking or tapping the screen. Each click gives Booby a small amount of money, which can change his life.

Accumulate money through continuous clicking. Use the money to invest in a variety of opportunities. Start with small businesses and work your way up to bigger ones.

As you earn more money, hire people to help Booby earn even more money, automatically.
Buy countless properties, works of art, multinational brands and eventually entire countries and planets to create your own world.

Why should you play Beggar Clicker?

  • Interesting Development: Watching Booby go from a beggar to a billionaire is incredibly satisfying. The way the game keeps you inspired to change his life is through progression.
  • Strategic gameplay: In addition to simple clicking, Beggar Clicker also involves strategic investments and upgrades, which will make you use your mind.
  • Automatic Income: Even when you do nothing, your investments and hired helpers continue to generate income. This means that you'll always be making progress and can play without stopping.
  • Thought-provoking: The game's premise highlights socioeconomic issues, providing a unique narrative that reflects the challenges and potential paths out of poverty.

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