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World Eater Idle

Welcome to World Eater Idle, a clicker game where you play as a space destroyer. Your ultimate goal is to destroy the planet of the gods through mouse clicks.

How to play World Eater idle

Use the mouse to click on the planet and deal damage. The more you click, the faster that planet weakens. Let's begin with the planets that are smaller and easy to destroy. Each planet offers its own challenges and rewards.
As you progress, you can upgrade various factors such as damage per click and clicks per second. These upgrades are important to speed up the destruction process and settle more formidable planets.
Let's move on to more challenging planets like Rubik's Cube, Titan and finally Earth. Collect resources from destroyed planets to invest in your upgrades.

Why you must play World Eater Idle?

  • Simple gameplay: World Eater Idle with attractive, unique content instead of building planets, you will destroy planets.
  • Strategic Depth: While the game starts simple, deciding which upgrades to prioritize and managing your resources effectively adds strategic depth that enhances the gameplay experience overall.
  • Incremental progression: Incremental progression is a method that is meant to keep you interested. You'll feel a strong sense of progress and accomplishment after each planet you destroy and upgrade you buy.
  • Diverse challenges: There are many worlds in World Eater Idle to destroy, and each one has its own features and level of difficulty. This keeps the game from getting boring.

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