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Monopoly Clicker

Monopoly Clicker is a classic board game entering the world of idle clicker games that combines strategic elements. Your goal is to accumulate wealth by rolling dice, moving around the board, and investing in businesses. As you play, you'll unlock new upgrades and hit milestones that will let you make more money.

How to play Monopoly Clicker

Start with a simple click on the dice to charge them and then throw. Each roll moves your chip around the board, just like in the classic game of Monopoly.
Watch as your chips move across the board, landing on different properties and spaces. Each place you land on changes how you play the game and how much money you make.
As you move around the board, you will have the opportunity to invest in many different businesses. Every business you buy will give you passive income and help you build your wealth faster.

Why you must play Monopoly Clicker?

  • Nostalgic joy: Monopoly Clicker brings the beloved board game Monopoly to life in a new format. Familiar gameplay elements, combined with idle-clicking mechanics, create a nostalgic and enjoyable experience.
  • Strategic gameplay: In addition to being an easy click-and-click game, the game gives you the chance to test your skills by choosing which businesses to invest in, when to upgrade, and how to make the most money.
  • Achievements and upgrades: As you play, you will complete various achievements. Each achievement unlocks new upgrades and increases your earning potential. Reaching a new goal opens up new possibilities and brings in more money.

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