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MergeMine Idle

MergeMine Idle is a game that combines the idle clicker genre and fusion mechanics, bringing a fresh and engaging experience to fans of both genres. In MergeMine Idle, your goal is to click on enemies in dangerous areas to earn coins, buy shovels, merge them to increase their durability and start digging and gathering resources to turn into weapons against the enemy's dangerous monster.

How to play MergeMine Idle

Start by clicking on enemies in the danger zone. You need money to buy tools and upgrades, and every click will earn you some. Get a shovel with the money you earn. Merge identical shovels to create more durable shovels, improving your digging and resource gathering efficiency.

Once you have a strong enough shovel, start digging to collect valuable resources. Better things will be found the deeper you dig. Collect resources and manage them wisely. You can use these items to make strong tools that will help you fight the dangerous monsters you may find as you dig deeper.


  • Click: To attack enemies, dig for supplies, and combine shovels.
  • Drag and drop: Merge shovels by dragging and dropping them on top of each other.
  • Upgrade and Crafting Menus: Navigate these menus with your mouse to enhance your tools and craft your weapons.

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