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Leek Factory Tycoon

Leek Factory Tycoon is the ultimate idle game where you are responsible for operating and expanding your dream leek factory. Your goal is to create a seamless production line that turns simple leeks into a variety of great recipes. Every choice you make, from managing a plant to building huge conveyor systems, will affect your efficiency and profits.

How to play Leek Factory Tycoon

Start by building your first leek factory. Use your earnings to upgrade your factories, increasing their efficiency and output. Make and design automated belts to move and work on your leeks. The key to a smooth and profitable business is a well-thought-out transport system.

Focus on automation by setting up automated processes to keep your factory running efficiently.

As you progress, unlock and create new leek-based recipes. These recipes add variety to your production line and attract more customers. Additionally, you can use Boosters to enhance your conveyor belts and production speeds, ensuring maximum efficiency and profits.

Why you must play Leek Factory Tycoon?

Leek Factory Tycoon offers a unique combination of strategic planning, automation, and culinary creativity. Here's why you should join this addictive idle game:

  • Compelling gameplay: The mix of building, upgrading, and automating keeps the game new and fun.
  • Global Challenge: Compete with other players on the global leaderboard, adding a competitive edge to the game.
  • Culinary Creativity: Explore and create various leek recipes, allowing you to explore interesting recipes.
  • Skills development: As you plan and improve the way your workplace works, you can improve your business and management skills.

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