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Galaxy Clicker

Galaxy Clicker is a clicker game with an interesting theme about planets and galaxies. Allows you to explore and create the vast world of outer space. Your mission is to create planets, fuse them into gas giants, and unlock new star systems.

How to play Galaxy Clicker

Create your own first planet by naming it. This planet will orbit the sun and create crystals as passive income over time. Every time it orbits the sun, it will continuously earn crystals. With a certain amount of crystals, you will be able to buy more celestial bodies.

Click and hold the left mouse button anywhere on the screen to speed up the planet's rotation and increase your income.

Combine identical planets to create a gas giant, greatly increasing your income.

Other features of the Galaxy Clicker game:

  • Use Auxiliary Bonuses: Activate one of two auxiliary bonuses to double your earnings in seconds.
  • System upgrades: Invest in system upgrades to increase your energy reserves, number of orbits, and rotation speed of your planets. This will help you unlock access to the next solar system faster.
  • Special offers: If you need more resources to improve, take advantage of special offers to reduce prices and accelerate your progress.

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