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Doggo Clicker

Doggo Clicker is a clicker genre game where the main goal is to click on your dog to make them happier and earn money. The game has lots of upgrades and accessories that enhance your clicking ability and add cuteness to your dog in the style you want.

How to play Doggo Clicker

Click on your dog to earn coins. Each click increases your dog's happiness level and adds to your coin total. Use the money you earn to buy upgrades that increase your clicking power. The more you upgrade, the more coins you earn per click.

When you accumulate enough coins, unlock more powerful upgrades like Dog God, which increases your clicks and coins exponentially. You can add fun things to your dog, like a hat or shoes, to make it your own. These are awesome because they make your dog look cute and also help your hitting power.

Additionally, you can gain bigger rewards in Doggo Clicker. When you reach level 100, you can choose prestige. This will reset your progress but grant you bark coins, which increase the amount of coins you earn per click, to purchase special upgrades that make you even stronger, allowing you to progress faster and earn more coins in future plays.

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