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Cookie Tap

Cookie Tap is a fun clicker game where your main goal is to collect as many cookies as possible. By clicking on the giant cookie on the screen, you can then use these cookies to buy upgrades that let you earn more cookies every second. There are a lot of upgrades and features in the game that keep you interested and excited as you watch your cookie kingdom grow.

How to play Cookie Tap

Click on the large cookie in the middle of your screen to start earning cookies. Each click generates a certain number of cookies. After getting a certain number of cookies, you can buy upgrades that make getting cookies happen immediately, even if you don't click on the links.

Increase the number of cookies you earn per click by upgrading your miner.

Upgrade Your Production in Cookie Tap

Upgrading your bakery will ensure a steady flow of cookies without the need for constant clicking. You might consider the following upgrades:

  • Hire a grandma: Start by hiring a grandma to bake a cake for you. For every woman you hire, you earn more cookies every second.
  • Build factories: Take your cookie production to the next level by building and upgrading factories. These factories will operate automatically according to the production process in a productive way, significantly increasing your passive cookie income.
  • Invest in farms and more: Once you have enough cookies, you can buy bigger upgrades like more farms and factories. These upgrades increase your cookie wealth exponentially, making you the ultimate cookie tycoon.

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