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Cookie Clicker: Climate Change

Have you ever thought you could fight climate change by creating cookies? Try Cookie Clicker: Climate Change - a clicker game that lets you collect cookies and contribute to the fight against climate change.

How to play Cookie Clicker: Climate Change

Mine cookies and increase their number by clicking giant cookies. When collecting cookies, you will have the opportunity to unlock a total of 400 different achievements. You need to strive to achieve these goals because they get you closer to winning and fighting climate change.

Use earned cookies to upgrade things to make your missions easier. These upgrades range from increasing cookie production to reducing carbon emissions and investing in renewable energy sources... Your impact will help fight climate change.

Why should you play Cookie Clicker: Climate Change?

Raising awareness: The Cookie Clicker: Climate Change is a fresh way to help people understand the importance of how climate change affects people.

Join hands: You can do something useful to prevent climate change right at your home with Cookie Clicker: Climate Change.

Education meets entertainment: Cookie Clicker: Climate Change is a great way to learn about the problems caused by climate change and how everyone can help solve them. 

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