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Cookie Clicker 4: Gold

Welcome to Cookie Clicker 4: Gold, the game in the popular Clicker series. In this game, you click to make cookies and wait to see what kind of sweet world you can create.

How to play Cookie Clicker 4: Gold

Like previous installments, Cookie Clicker 4: Gold also challenges you to create as many cookies as possible to complete different tasks.
You will receive cookies for every click; try to collect them to buy and unlock useful features that help you increase your receipt of even more cookies.

The main function of Cookie Clicker 4: Gold

Increased Clicking Fun: Click on big cookies to earn unique cookies with every click. Watch your cookie count grow exponentially with each satisfying click.

Unlock hundreds of achievements: Cookie Clicker 4 Gold has hundreds of achievements waiting to be unlocked. Whether it's reaching a certain number of cookies produced or purchasing specific attributes, there's always a new achievement to strive for.

Buy Attributes and Upgrades: Use your earned cookies to purchase attributes like pointers, buildings, grannies, farms, mines, factories and banks. These attributes automatically generate cookies for you, allowing you to passively earn more cookies.

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