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Cookie Clicker 3: Candy

Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with Cookie Clicker 3 Candy. Embark on a journey where you can simply click and collect cookies to your liking.

How to play Cookie Clicker 3: Candy

In Cookie Clicker 3 Candy, click on the big cookie in the middle of the screen over and over to try to get as many cookies as you can. In each level of the game, use them to get gifts and bonuses.

Collect them to unlock gifts and bonuses throughout the game levels.


Get lost in the world of sweets: a game with easy gameplay suitable for all ages, beautiful graphics, and fun sound effects that will keep you entertained for hours.

Explore the variety: You'll find new cookie flavors, textures, and prizes as the game progresses.

Share with friends: Join your family and friends to explore and build architecture from cookies. Challenge your friends to see who can bake the most cookies and become cookie experts.

With so many changes and improvements to unlock, Cookie Clicker 3: Candy will surprise you each time you discover more.

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