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Catty's Fishing Day

Catty's Fishing Day is an exciting clicker game that takes players to a strangely exciting world of fishing. Playing as Catty, your goal is to catch as many fish as possible to progress through different areas and unlock exciting upgrades during your fishing expedition.

How to play Catty's Fishing Day

Start your fishing adventure by casting your line into the sparkling water. Click on Catty to fish and accumulate points.
Try to catch fish and earn points to upgrade your fishing equipment. Invest in better fishing rods, reels and bait to improve your chances of catching rare fish.

In addition, you will have adorable ducks as companions on your fishing journey. These cute companions provide valuable bonuses and enhancements to help you catch even more fish.

Why must you play Catty's Fishing Day?

  • Captivating visuals and soundtrack: Immerse yourself in Catty's adorable world with colorful graphics and an exciting soundtrack that creates a relaxing fishing adventure.
  • Exciting clicker game genre: With simple yet addictive clicking mechanics, Catty's Fishing Day offers hours of entertainment for players of all ages with simple clicker genre.
  • Exciting boss battles: Test your skills against exciting fish-catching challenges that will challenge you to use strategy and quick reflexes to win.
  • Adorable Ducks: Collect these adorable companions and enjoy the rewards and upgrades they bring as you fish.
  • Explore new areas: Discover new fishing spots as you progress through the game. Each area has its own challenges and opportunities for catching different types of fish.
  • Fish Boss: Prepare for epic encounters with the formidable Fish Boss, protectors of the most valuable fish in the sea. Are you ready to defeat them and win the treasure?

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