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Block City Clicker

Block City Clicker is an engaging and addictive clicker game where you have the opportunity to build and develop your own city. By clicking to collect resources and construct buildings, you can turn a simple piece of land into a bustling metropolis. With every click, you will move towards a more prosperous and expanding city.

How to play Block City Clicker

Your journey starts with a simple click. Click on designated areas to collect resources such as wood, stone, and gold. You need these materials to build buildings and make your city bigger.
Use the resources you collect to build different structures. Start with basic buildings like houses and work your way up to more complex ones like smelters and factories. Every building contributes to the growth and efficiency of your city. Upgraded buildings will generate more resources and provide additional benefits, helping you expand your city faster.

Why must you play Block City Clicker?

  • Building a creative city: Block City Clicker offers creative opportunities for those who enjoy city-building games. Having the freedom to plan and build your city and feeling good about seeing it grow makes for a fun experience.
  • Mission Variety: There are different missions and goals to achieve in the game. These quests guide you through various aspects of city building and reward you with valuable resources and bonuses.
  • Unlock new areas: As your city grows, you can unlock new areas to develop. Expanding your territory will provide more space for buildings and resources, allowing for continuous growth and development.
  • Achieve goals: To get new buildings and features, you have to reach certain game goals. Every goal you reach will bring you one step closer to building a beautiful and wealthy city.

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